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Q: What is hentai?

A: Outside of Japan, hentai is anime and manga pornography. In the Japanese language, however, “hentai” is not a genre of media but any type of perverse or bizarre sexual desire or act.

Q: What’s the quality of your streamed videos?

A: All hentai videos are 720P or 1080P quality.

Q: Why is hentai censored?

A: Due to their laws, japanese hentai companies have to censor their works. Majority of the modern day series have censorship.

Q: Something is wrong, what should I do?

A: If something is wrong with the player or anything video related, you can submit a report via “Report” button. You can find it on the top of each video. If you found a site problem, or anything else, you can also write a comment anywhere; we read all comments.

Q: My question is not answered

A: We will update this page periodically with new questions. If you have any question you can write us at: